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Collision Earth

A large meteor shower unexpectedly bombards planet Earth. Scientists rush to the scene of the first impact and the race is on to find a solution to save humanity.
Collision Earth – collision earth trailer.
‎collision earth 2020 trailer.

scientists have been using hubble observations to predict the future of the andromeda galaxy and the milky way and how the collision will look from earth.

when the sun converts to a magnetar for a short time the planet mercury is thrown out of orbit and set on a collision course for earth.

please take note the collision is not meant to be historically realistic in terms of position of either planets the effects of the collision and the speed of theia.
get ready because this time we will review some asteroids that are in the direction of the earth and their possible date of collision.

but the frightening thing is that according to different data collected by science there are a number of asteroids that are approaching the earth and some of them even have a date for their collision with our planet.
what if the earth collided with another planet?

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Views: 385

Genre: Science Fiction




Duration: 84 min

Quality: HDRip


IMDb: 4.3

Collision Earth