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Tom Cruise presents the trailer for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Posted 2019/07/199500

The actor shows the first images of the sequel to the movie that made him a star

Back Top Gun . Tom Cruise has presented at the San Diego Comic-Con and on his Twitter profile the first trailer of the sequel to the movie that made him a Hollywood star. With Top Gun: Maverick, which will be released in June 2020, Cruise returns to play Pete Maverick Mitchell, a talented and attractive American hunting pilot, more than three decades later .

“I was constantly asked ‘when will you do another one?’ Well, you have been very patient with me, and I already felt it was my obligation. It is a love letter to aviation,” explained Cruise, who is now 57 years old.

The first images of the footage show little of the plot, beyond showing an aging Maverick as a war pilot with no opportunity to climb the military ladder, but reluctant to retire. The scenes of the fighters taking off from the aircraft carriers are “real” thanks to the collaboration of the United States Navy with the production, according to Cruise explained. The trailer shows Cruise wearing his iconic leather jacket and driving a racing motorcycle.

After years of rumors, two years ago Cruiso confirmed that he was embarked on the sequel to Top Gun . A young 24-year-old Tom Cruise starred in the film, giving life to Lieutenant Pete Maverick Mitchell, a talented and virgin aviator in the US Navy who was trying to clear his father’s name: a pilot who disappeared in the Vietnam War. The original movie took thousands of teenagers to movie theaters to watch the training program of handsome and daring elite naval pilots such as Kelly McGillis (Single Witness), Val Kilmer (Jim Morrison of The Doors) and Meg Ryan (The prodigious chip, When Harry found Sally and The Doors).

The film, directed by Tony Scott, who died in 2012 , was the highest grossing film of 1986: in his first weekend he raised more than eight million dollars. The film stood out for its aerial images and its soundtrack, which earned it an Oscar for the song Take my breath away . The blockbuster was based on the fact that it reflected a true military training program for American pilots, known as Top Gun .