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The comedy movies we’ll see in 2021

Posted 2021/01/097170

If there is something we will need next year, it is comedies.

If we are going to need something in 2021, it is comedies. because, This year that we left behind has given us many reasons why you need good film sessions full of laughter, lightness, and a sense of humor. And it is that the terrible consequences of the spread of COVID-19 around the world cry out for a bit of levity, forget about the problems for a couple of hours and simply enjoy with a smile in front of the movie theater. What titles will be able to achieve that important mission next year?

We review the comedy movie releases in 2021. Now, it is clear that when we separate by gender we always face some difficulties. It is very difficult to find a purely single genre film: the reality is that there is a comedy in action, romance, or even horror films (aren’t Marvel films also a mixture of comedy?), But we will try to collect here those productions where it that stands out the most is the comic component. So you will know what are the titles to pursue next year if what we are looking for (or need) is to laugh until we say enough. Check out the titles, release dates, and other details on this list. In constant update!

My girl

Heloise, a mother of three, sees how the youngest has just turned eighteen and is about to leave home to study in Canada. This thing about letting the chicks leave the nest is very hard, and the director Lisa Azuelos shows us that stress with funny situations.

Release date: January 29.

The boy


No, we have not sneaked in: the Charles Chaplin classic will make its premiere on the big screen in 2021. And it couldn’t come at a better time. The first of Chaplin’s great films were seen for the first time on February 6, 1921, and exactly 100 years later it will be able to be enjoyed again on the big screen in a restored 4K version.

Release date: February 6.

This body feels like death


We could classify this film in the horror genre, but the truth is that the essence of comedy is not lacking. A huge hit in America, Christopher Landon’s film makes it’s own ‘Put yourself in my place’, but with a twist: it’s a serial killer ( Vince Vaughn ) and a teenage girl ( Kathryn Newton ) who swap their bodies, and They have less than 24 hours before the change is permanent.

Release date: February 19.

The King of Zamunda


Prince Akeem is about to be crowned king but will have to travel to New York again to find who can become the successor to the kingdom of Zamunda. Eddie Murphy returns to star in this late sequel, directed by Craig Brewer, and that will premiere directly on ‘streaming’.

Release date: March 5 (Amazon Prime Video).

The Triumph


Winner of the Best Comedy award at the European Film Awards, this French film promises laughter and a sense of humor. It follows Etienne ( Kad Meran ), an unemployed actor who runs a theater workshop in a prison, where he will manage to gather a group of inmates to represent Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’.

Release date: March 26.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie


The animated series created by Loren Bouchard will have a film in 2021. For Bouchard, who has not yet released a pledge on the plot, the story must “touch on all the themes that we have seen in the series”, but also “add news.” In addition, “the most important thing is that his characters live an epic adventure.” Will it succeed?

Release date: April 9.

Free guy


A bank worker discovers that he is actually a player in a video game. That is the premise of this comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, Directed by Shawn Levy, producer of ‘ Stranger Things ‘, promises to be a ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ in the flesh that squeezes all the charisma out of Reynolds.

Release date: May 21.



Under the direction of Craig Gillespie, director of the emotional ‘I, Tonya’, Emma Stone will step into the shoes of Estella (Cruella De Vil), who lives on the streets during the 1980s in London alongside other thugs. Thus, we can know the reason for her hatred of Dalmatians, who made her the villain of ‘101 Dalmatians’.

Release date: June 11.

Polyamory for Beginners


Filmmaker Fernando Colomo returns to the big screen with a romantic comedy that will explore this much-talked-about polyamory through the confrontation between a young man who has emerged as a defender of romantic love and a girl who practices loving freedom. The cast includes Karra Elejalde, Toni Acosta, Quim Àvila Conde, María Pedraza, Luis Bermejo, Cristina Gallego, Inma Cuevas, Lola Rodríguez, Susi Caramelo, and Mery Cabezuelo.

Release date: June 18.

A villa in Tuscany


We travel to Tuscany with Liam Neeson, who plays a London artist who travels to Italy with his son ( Micheál Richardson ) to sell the house they inherited from his late wife and mother. But neither of them expected to find a beautiful villa that could be the solution to their battered relationship. Directed by James D’Arcy .

Release date: June 25.

Garcia and Garcia


We will find Spanish comedy in 2021 with films like this one by Ana Murugarren , which has José Mota, Pepe Viyuela, Eva Ugarte, Jordi Sánchez, Carlos Areces, Ricardo Castella, Jesús Vidal and Antonio Resines in its cast .

Release date: July 16.

To full train! Destination Asturias


The other bodyguard


Sequel to ‘The other bodyguard’, released in 2017, and which now incorporates an exceptional signing: Salma Hayek. The actress plays the wife of Darius ( Samuel L. Jackson ), who will re-enlist his partner Michael Bryce ( Ryan Reynolds ) on a mission along the Amalfi Coast. And that he just wanted to lead a quiet life. Action and comedy, the best mix.

Release date: August 20.

The perfect family


After making her debut in style with ‘Carmen y Lola’, for which she won the Goya for Best New Director , Arantxa Echevarría turns to comedy starring Belén Rueda , José Coronado, Gonzalo de Castro, Carolina Yuste , Gonzalo Ramos , Pepa Aniorte and Jesús Vidal .

Release date: December 3.