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Liam Neeson goes haywire with “Grab it as you can”

Posted 2019/07/188730

The actor announces his new project with Seth MacFarlane in the presentation of the action thriller ‘Venganza bajo cero’

Since he starred in Revenge 11 years ago, Liam Neeson (Ballymena, Northern Ireland, 67 years old) has perceived how the public easily associates him with the role of an action movie hero. His words denote that it is something that does not bother him, but which does not make any special boast: “The good publicity campaign of that movie made Hollywood discover that image of me, but nothing else.” The actor is not afraid that such identification with a certain genre could eclipse other profiles of his career, such as the one of the great redeemer of the persecuted that Schindler’s list  gave him or that of paladin of revolutionary causes to which he was elevated by his interpretation of the leader Irish Michael Collins in the movie of the same name by Neil Jordan. Nor does he renounce his more comical face, uncovered in  Men in Black: International. A facet that, by his statements, now seems to want to encourage.

Neeson is in Spain to present the latest installment of action in which he has participated, Revenge below zero , Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland and in which he plays a snowplow driver who waged a war against drug dealers who have ended with the life of his only son. The thriller is filmed in icy Canadian landscapes, premieres in Spain on July 26 and is a remake of One after another , which the filmmaker himself shot in several Scandinavian countries six years ago. “I was interested in the project the introduction of Native American characters, for their relationship with the terrain, with their territory,” explains Neeson in the company of Moland in an interview on Tuesday in Madrid.

Despite the overwhelming personality that Neeson infuses in his characters, Moland believes that in the film the Northern Irish actor has allowed him to “maintain the personal and intimate tone” of the work that the filmmaker presented in 2014. The structure of the plot also connected well with Neeson’s previous roles, such as that of former CIA agent Bryan Mills in Revenge . Just as his character then undertook the daring search for his daughter, kidnapped in Paris, Neeson now plays Nels Coxman, an irascible father capable of spreading violence everywhere to avenge the murder of his offspring.

That abundance of action papers leads Moland to joke with the actor. “I’d like to see you doing Romeo sometime ..” Neeson laughs and talks about some of his next roles. Among them the one offered by Seth MacFarlane, the “irreverent” creator of the animated television series Father of family , who works on a re-release of Grab it as you can, the crazy trilogy of police comedies starring in the late eighties and early of the nineties by Leslie Nielsen , whom Neeson refers to as “a real actor of weight” . “Seth, who has had a huge success getting into everything, has decided to relaunch that saga and counts on me. We will see how is the script, “reveals the interpreter.

There will be no retirement

Ten years ago, an accident at a ski resort ended his wife’s life , and from that event, Neeson’s participation as protagonist in action films, which had started in 1990 with The Face of Revenge , multiplied. Neeson rejects, nevertheless, that in his professional trajectory there have been strong turns. The actor does not reveal what he believes has been his best role, although the most “special”: the Irish leader Michael Collins, killed in 1922 during the Irish Civil War. “Collins was an extraordinary guy: he laughed, he always danced around with that shorter tie than usual, and he put the British Empire on his knees. And at the same time he is considered one of the inventors of modern terrorism. I was fortunate to be able to interpret him, “says Neeson. The actor remembers the “tension” that was experienced during the production and filming, since the armed conflict in Northern Ireland continued in force. The film premiered in 1997 and the signing of the peace agreements would not come until Holy Week in 1998.

Neeson sees the retreat still far away. It is still maintained in a splendid form, which is well proven by the shootings in British Columbia Canada that it has faced. “We filmed and after 15 minutes we could see how the avalanches fell,” he says. He admits that, although it seems paradoxical, his seniority also encourages him to continue a long career that goes back to 1976, when he debuted in a theater in Belfast. “Experience puts you in that position where you already know what you have to do. And yes, that’s something that I also like. “